How to Find Quality Sweet Potato Suppliers

August 1, 2021 , Sweet Potato Suppliers

The market for high quality, processed, frozen sweet potato products continues to expand in terms of size and scope. Sweet potato is a family of plantain plantains, which are native to Central and South America and the Caribbean islands. Sweet potato is highly nutritious with a rich, creamy, golden colour and taste. Sweet potatoes were originally used to make banana nut cookies. Over time they have developed into a delicious, healthy food.

With global demand for healthy, organic foods rising, more suppliers are offering healthier, organic products, including organic vegetables, fruit and nuts. To meet this demand, many suppliers have established an online presence and obtained an internet “degree” to become accredited purple sweet potato suppliers. To choose the right supplier for your business, it is important to find a supplier that has the experience and knowledge to meet your industry’s needs.

There are several characteristics to look for in a supplier of organic vegetables. A supplier should be in good standing with the International Potato Grower’s Association (IPGA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). An accredited supplier has the experience and knowledge to provide innovative product varieties that are specific to the growing needs of your industry. They should also provide products that are pesticide free, fertilized and produce excellent crop yields.

A company that is certified by the USDA offers food service that is clean and safe for you and your customers. It’s also important that you choose a supplier that can meet your production and distribution requirements. They should be knowledgeable about cultivating sweet potatoes, selecting and packaging products, packaging them and shipping them to you. Look for a company that is able to customize its product offerings based on your particular needs and has a strong financial foundation. The more resources a company has the more profitable it will be.

Once you have selected several suppliers, compare their products, service, prices and commitment to your industry. Ask questions about their product line, their relationship with the U.S. harvest agency (the USDA) and their commitment to continuing to serve your industry. When comparing the companies compare their individual vendors. You should also ask about their ability to quickly respond to your request for additional product information. A provider that can quickly provide you with answers and information will be easier to work with as your industry enters a new era of continuous innovation and growth.

Finally, talk to your provider about service levels. Will they be able to meet your volume or specific deadlines? Are they able to accommodate fluctuations in season? Having this information can help you decide if a supplier is a good fit for your operation and your goals.