Homemade venison & porcini bratwurst


  After months and months of web silence, I’m finally back! If you’ve been wondering what the hell I’ve been doing, here’s a short summary. Shortly after Christmas, I spent three weeks travelling thorough Argentina, where I ate steak for breakfast, enjoyed the best grilled lamb of my life and wandered around the rugged and amazing Patagonia (detailed post with photos coming…

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Christmas baking 2015: Cinnamon stars

When I moved to Germany four years ago, one of the most interesting aspects was experiencing how Christmas is being celebrated in a different country. I was surprised by the smell of cinnamon and baked almonds lingering in the foggy cold Munich streets, while wandering through beautifully lit Christmas markets and drinking Glühwein. The diversity of German traditional Christmas…

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Christmas baking 2015: Pumpkin truffles

I think many readers can relate when I say that I love chocolate. This passion started a long time ago, when I was still a child, and continued into my adult years. For many years I had enjoyed the classic milk chocolate before I tried my first 60%, 70% and 80% cocoa chocolates. The higher I…

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Christmas baking 2015: Pear & walnut cakepops

I have to start this post by talking about the cuteness of these cakepops. I don’t even know what to say, so I urge you to just look at them! These pear cakepops were created fully by accident and that’s what I love about them. Since I had previously made a multi-layered cake with pear curd and…

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Christmas baking 2015: Linzer stars

My late aunt used to bake many different cookies for holidays, also bringing them as presents for Christmas. She was a part of the old generation of aunts and grandmas, where a Sunday without pastries was no Sunday, a birthday without a cake no birthday, and a Christmas without Christmas sweets no Christmas. Apart from inheriting…

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My natural cold remedies

For a long time, I have been planning to write a post on how I manage my symptoms when I come down with a cold. After a millennium cold decided to struck me this week, I took my tissues, my runny nose and my Canon to finally make photos of my favorite cold-killing remedies. Writing…

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Christmas baking 2015: Crescent cookies

Vanilla crescent cookies have been my personal Christmas favorite for as long as I can remember. I can’t put my finger on to why I exactly loved them so much, despite the ingredients being actually pretty boring (flour, sugar, butter, vanilla). I probably just liked them because they were so cute. So it’s no surprise that I’ve chosen it as #2…

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Christmas baking 2015: Lebkuchen

Welcome to the first recipe of my Christmas baking 2015 series, where I will share my favorite Christmas cookies, cakes and sweets. To me, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the traditional baking, so I decided to make a Christmas baking series and share my favorite recipes with you. All recipes are adapted to the paleo diet, gluten-free and some…

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Jamaican goat curry

Prior to this dish, I have never tired goat before, even though lamb is very common in my family. So it was no surprise I immediately seized the opportunity when an organic goat milk farm in our area decided to sacrifice a few baby goats. Sounds cold-blooded? Well, the 3 kg heavy goat baby shoulder, leg and back…

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Black Forrest birthday cake

One of the most important aspects of celebrating a birthday is having a proper birthday cake. In my opinion, a birthday cake needs to be a proper round torte, with multiple alternating layers of (preferably) sponge cake and a sort of filling. The filling isn’t baked together with the layers, but added afterwards. A birthday wish is made and birthday…

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Honey & thyme glazed stuffed chicken

As of last weekend, I have a new computer. Before that I had been using a four years old laptop, which is still completely functional, however, with some slight issues. Out of nostalgic and techical reasons, I still had Windows XP running on it, which isn’t a bad thing, since it is the best operational system Microsoft had created so far. I…

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Duck liver pate

When I started following the AIP, this liver pâté was one of the first recipes I created. Originally made with chicken livers, I swapped them for duck livers after I was confronted with their deliciousness for the first time. Duck livers are even higher in iron than chicken livers, but at the same time creamier, easier…

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Sage & mustard crackers

So you’re eating an amazing liver pâté and you think to yourself: “Man, this would go so well with some crackers”. I feel your pain, I’ve been in this situation many times. When Heather, the talented young lady behind Cook It Up Paleo, asked me if I would write a guest at her blog, I searched…

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Why should we all eat more offal

Offal are all consumable animal parts, that aren’t considered skeletal muscles. This includes the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, pancreas and all other abdominal organs, as well as the tails, feet, brains, tongue, and testicles.   Organs from organically raised, grass-fed animals are some of the most nutrient-rich foods you can eat. So why is the…

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Autumn, Brussels sprouts and bacon

There is something romantic about autumn. Spring is all about plants blooming and nature awakening, summer all about the fish, the sea and the sun. And winter is about the skiing and Christmas markets. Still, autumn is my favorite. There is something special about the colors, the smell and the autumn fog. However, this year, Europe has been experiencing…

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